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Meeting the team.

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 Meeting the team. Empty Meeting the team.

Post by Kira on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:57 pm

Part 1 (please wait for part 2)

Kurenai left her apartment and headed out to training grounds number 4 to meet her new students. On her way she ran into Kakashi at the memorial. Knowing why he was there and where he was supposed to be. Not knowing hours of time had past as she was talking to Kakashi, Kurenai looked up into the sky to see the sun had moved a lot. Gasping and her lose of time she apologizes and sets off back the way she was going to get to training ground 4 to meet up with her new students.

Yesterday she had met Nova, Kiba, Shino, and Hinata, her students, and got to meet them a bit. However today they were going to be doing there first mission to see if they were realy meant to be a genin.

Upon arriving at the training grounds Kurenai saw her new students relaxing in the field. Feeling a little ashamed for making them wait so long she shook her head and forgot about it. She was the teacher, she can do whatever she wished to. walking up to her students Kurenai sat down and crossed her legs so she was more comfortable. "Are you ready for today's mission?" Kurenai asked with a stern face.


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