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Kuran Uzamaki the remnant

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Kuran Uzamaki the remnant Empty Kuran Uzamaki the remnant

Post by Shawn Correl on Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:28 pm

Name: Kuran Uzumaki

Age: 12

Gender: Male
Kuran Uzamaki the remnant 7e686b77-1

Appearance: Kuran Has red hair with black highlights. He stands at 4 foot 4. He has his father's black eyes. He wears a coat a black coat with a red Uzumaki crest. His pants are grey with a pouch on the right side of his rear. On his right side is a shuriken pouch. His fair complexion is nearly flawless.

Rank: Genin


Elements: Fire

History: Kuran's history begins with the destruction of the village hidden in the whirlpools. During the destruction Kuran's grandfather, A whirlpool jonin, managed to escape. He fled to the Leaf, there he felt he could survive. He joined the village as a Hidden Leaf jonin. There he married and had two kids a son Sozum and a daughter Tsuki. He taught his children the secret techniques from the whirlpool (his son grasped it a lot better). Both childs became shinobi of the leaf. One of Tsuki's team mates was Hitori Uchiha. Throughout their missions they fell in love. However, Hitori was forbidden to love see Tsuki by his clan. He continued to see Tsuki in secret. Eventually Tsuki became pregnant. By fates chance Hitori's disobedience had saved his children, as the Uchiha and Hitori were annihilated two weeks before Tsuki gave birth. Overcome by grief at her lover's death, Tsuki died in childbirth. If not for the Leaf's medical corps her sons would have died. That's right she gave birth to twin boys, Gado and Kuran. Sozum adopted the two boys as his own. He cared for them and helped with studies in between missions. Eventually the twin's enrolled in the academy. Gado excelled while Kuran was just below average. Gado was recruited my Danzo to join his ANBU. However, no one, not even Danzo, knew Gado and Kuran's father. The only ones who know are Kuran's Grandfather and uncle.


Regular 2

Student 3

Genin 5

Chunin 10

Jounin 15

Kage 20

Sanin 25

Bijuu 30





regular 0

Genin 1

Chunin 3

Jounin 5

Kage 7

Sannin 8

Bijuu 10

Nin: 2

Gen: 2


Ken: 1

Med: 0

Fuinjutsu: 1

Chakra: 100


Body Flicker

Shadow Illusion


10 shuriken

5 Kunai

3 Paper bombs

10 feet of wire

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