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Thriss, the two tails jinchuuriki

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Thriss, the two tails jinchuuriki

Post by Kira on Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:49 pm

Name: Thriss
Gender: Female

Bijuu: 2 tails Matatabi fire enhanced senses hearing smelling sight night vision
Bijuu Friendship: 46
Rank: Genin
Team: Kakashi
Elements: Fire

Born to Nagato and Kanna with her twin brother the pregnancy was unknown to all but Kanna as she didn't show. During a ritual in which the three tails and two tails were being extracted the tailed beasts accidentally got sealed inside Kanna's two unborn children. The process forced her into labor and she fled. Had her children in the leaf forst and left her children at the gate knowing the leaf would take them in. However something wrong was happening with the daugher. She got a high fever and started screaming. Itachi coming back from an ANBU mission heard the screaming baby and picked up the two twins and brought them to the 4th hogage who sent them to the hospital right away. The two ended up getting adopted by the 4th hogage.
Regualr 2
Student 3
Genin 5
Chunin 10
Jounin 15
Kage 20
Sanin 25
Bijuu 30


regular 0
Genin 1
Chunin 3
Jounin 5
Kage 7
Sannin 8
Bijuu 10

Gen:0 (2)

Body Flicker
Shadow Illusion

2 Katana
wire with hook
10 shuriken
5 kunai

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