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Kate Tsuki

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Kate Tsuki Empty Kate Tsuki

Post by Kate on Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:19 pm

Name: Kate Tsuki
Race: Faunus
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Kate Tsuki 14989210
Eyes are green and feline in shape naturally but she wears normal green eye contacts.
5' 4" 150 LB

Kate was born into a family that specialized in assassination. Her mother a Faunus with tiger claws and father with fox fur both worked as assassins within the white fang. They were the only white fang assassins before Adam took over and didn't work too frequently. They were a last resort of sorts for the most delicate of matters. Otherwise they serves as spies, scouts, and in few rare cases diplomats. Unlike most who have to activate their aura at some point through their life, Kate's aura and semblance was active at birth. While most Faunus have only one animalistic trait, Kate came out with black fox ears, a tail, and green feline eyes. Her semblance was animalistic traits. Having more traits than others made her even more of a target for discrimination and bullying. She related greatly with her father in this regard as his vary apparent and unusual fur gave him similar difficulties, however he still had only one trait and as such could never fully relate. It was so bad she was incapable of attending school and getting anything out of it. In order to get an education and to avoid discrimination she was transferred to a different school and pretended to be a human. Her particularly large fox ears were hidden under long thick hair and kept down with a black headband also hidden within her hair via layers. She wore eye contacts to disguise her eyes. For her tail she wears a custom made belt that compresses her fur and hides it within. It's difficult to put on but works very well.  

Just as everyone in the family before her had learned the arts of assassination so too did Kate. They didn't really use dust though instead relying on pure skill, instinct, and ability with a blade. Kate excelled at this having a sharp mind and a semblance that enhanced her physical and mental limits. Kate didn't really have any plans of becoming a huntress instead just wanting to continue her families legacy however that all changed when Adam came into power. As he began to dominate the white fang and shift them in a direction it was not meant to go. Kate's father Troy was sent to assassinate him, somehow instead he joined him. Kate's mother Tina didn't agree with this and the two split with Kate staying with her mother. Tina went on a campaign against the the white fang but on one of her expeditions was killed by grim. Kate then wanted to train as a huntress to kill grim and take her father back. Despite not going to any school for it prior through a special Faunus program she was able to get into Becon by just barely passing the lowered requirement academics entrance exam.

Curious, serious, and mischievously playful. These are the main elements that make up Kate. She is also easy going with the exception of matters pertaining to Faunus. When the subject is brought up her normally outgoing demeanor takes a flip and she becomes quiet and withdrawn. If she herself is questioned or otherwise poked about the subject she can very quickly become angry.

Semblance: Animal Quality
All of Kates senses and abilities are passively enhanced. Superior sight, hearing, smell, strength, agility, flexibility, reaction time, instinct, ect. However some of these are tied to her physical qualities that she suppresses for example her superior hearing is rendered null with her ears lying flat on her head and covered in hair. It reduced her hearing to that of what someone would consider normal. Being born with her semblance active she has had plenty of time to master it and she has discovered how to super charge one of her abilities by nearly nullifying all others. For example for she focus on her eyes slowing down time dramatically from her perspective however it burns up her contacts somehow so she never does that. If she were to focus on her ears she could pick out and track every conversation in a huge crowd assuming her ears were free to move instead of being bound to her head. In doing something like this though she ignores everything for example if you were to hold 3 fingers up in front of her she wouldn't be able to count them. These are split between physical and sensory so she can slow her perception of time and still have the strength and agility to dodge something.

Kate uses a Katana with a hilt that can store a small amount of dust at a time. With wind dust she can fire off sharp blasts of wind which serve to practically extend the range of her blade and is her only ranged attack. With fire dust her tungsten blade heats up to beyond that of a Acetylene torch allowing it to slice through most things like a hot knife through butter. However with things like strong metal in order to allow the blade to slice it it has to heat up to temperatures the blade can not sustain for long. With ice dust her blade can completely encase anything it comes in contact with in ice. Her sheath is not that of a normal katan instead being completely round. The sheath recharges the dust in the katana's hilt and the blade can be rotated inside the sheath to switch between the three different dust chambers in there.

Notable Skills:
Close Combat

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