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Warden Slate

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Post by Shawn Correl on Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:24 am

Name: Warden Slate

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5' 11"
Appearance: Warden has a slimmer frame, his brown skin complemented by the muscle he has earned through a childhood of struggle. Even through all his muscle his bones are still pronounced, as he has next to no body fat from less than plenty. His chest upper thighs and arms are covered in scars from his violent past. He has a narrower face, and violet eyes. From his left lower jaw to just under his right eye is a long scar. Warden is almost always seen wearing the same outfit. The signature piece of his outfit is his grey trenchcoat with violet trim, the front of the coat by covering the rib cage are two brown patches. He always wears it open. Underneath his coat he wears tattered studded leather vest, with a white wool shirt buried under that. A worn leather belt loaded with pouches for various items holds up his grey jeans. Brown combat boots protect his feet. Steel plates adorn his knees and elbows and forearms. His right shoulder has a large metal plate. A leather strap runs along his from his right shoulder to left side.

History: Warden's story begins with a young man named Ferrow. Ferrow was a poor hunter who dreamed of a better world. When he was younger he loved to help, even he owned almost nothing other than his hunting equipment, he would always lend a hand to help his fellow man. Even though he hungered for equality among all, a perfect world, he was not dealt a good hand in life. His hometown was plagued by crime. Most of his neighbors would stab each other for a loaf of bread. Ferrow soon was beaten down. his dreams of a better world replaced by a fear for survival. In his childhood only three others shared his views on the world and were his best and only friends, a girl named Robin Dawn, and two boys named Garrett and Storm Ward. Like him they lost their families early on. These four banded together for only with each other could they survive without sacrificing who they were. For the first few years it looked like they could make actually change the way things were. But then one fateful day Storm Ward, oldest of the group, upset a gang leader with his defiance of their dominance. An enforcer soon assaulted the group Garrett and Storm, the oldest and strongest rose to fight this foe. The enforcer proved to be more than a match for the brothers. Storm the eldest yelled at Ferrow to take Robin and run. In his fear, he grabbed Robin screaming and kicking and ran. This moment would haunt him for the rest of life, for he only the murderer left their old home. Ferrow had to rely on the few skills his father taught before he died. Ferrow made a pact with himself, he wouldn't let anything happen to Robin, if it killed him she would live, for he could not endure another loss like that. Ferrow grew more ruthless, clawing out a living for Robin and himself. After years his feeling began to grow for Robin. He fell in love with his lifelong friend. Once they were married his efforts for survival became even more earnest. Through blood, sweat, and tears, he carved enough money for Robin to pursue one of dreams and get a basic education. One day, after he came back from an unsavory job, he was shocked to see a ghost. Storm Ward, the man he long since thought dead sat at his table. Storm was not the same who fought the thug back then. By some miracle he got into Beacon Academy, he was now a huntsman. Storm was appalled at what his old friend had become, he urged Ferrow to remember his past, his dreams for a better world. Ferrow realized what he had become and knew that they could not survive where they were without succumbing to the filth that roamed the streets. Ferrow and Storm debated about what could be done, eventually they came up with an idea. If they couldn't fix the world, they would make their own. They were going to make a new town, after all there had to be others who were suffering as they were. So the band set out to find comrades for this new mission. After searching most of Vale, they found a group large enough for their ambitious plan. Everyone gathered what they could, there was lots of poor but even a few who weren't to bad off, all of whom craved a better world. Storm pledged to protect the settlers at all costs. They convoy set out for a newly marked site Storm surveyed that was high in the mountains far north of vale in a valley where the grim would have  a harder time reaching them. When they arrived they arrived they began construction of their new home. Storms watchful eye ensured a safe beginning for the fledgling town. The settlers named the town after Storm, for without his help they surely would have died to the grim, as none of they were fighters. Two years after Ward was official founding, Robin became pregnant. Ferrow and Robin named their son after Storm as well. Warden was born.

        As Warden grew so did the prospering town. Ferrow labored hard in the fields and woods to make the better world he always dreamed of for his son. However, as time went on the Grim became aware of the villages location and moved in more force. The local terrain was no longer enough to protect them. The settlers banded together to make a stone walls around the choke points, at last they had peace. With the entire valley protected by the walls and the vigilant Storm Ward, the hopeful pilgrims began to make farms, orchards, houses, and even a mine, for iron and tungsten were found in the nearby. They had to learn to make most of their supplies for it was a week long trek by foot to any town of reasonable size, full of dangerous terrain and Grim. Ferrow began to teach his son in the ways of his father, the boy showed promise for the rifle and bow. Unfortunately, Wards growing size began to attract bandits who quickly learned the village was protected by a mere one huntsman, and between the grim assaults he was already very busy. Soon the town had more threats than Grim to worry about. Storm quickly became overwhelmed as the bandit raids were usually followed by Grim sieges. Ferrow and his son tried to ease some of the burden by learning masonry, so they could repair the wall while Storm made sure nothing would get through a breach. As the raids escalated Storms strength began to wain. After a particularly bad raid, Ferrow and Warden, now 13 years old, came to Storm and begged him to train them as he had be taught at beacon. The three soon became the defenders of Ward, with the new fighters the bandits raids ended. Storm awakened Ferrow and Wardens aura, and helped them each discover their semblance. Warden worked with the two but kept a distance, usually giving aura to Ferrow and staying back and picking of foes with his hunting rifle. Ferrow fought in the thick of it with Storm. Storms semblance is part of the reason he was able to survive the constant attacks, with it he could heal almost instantly from next to any injury or illness if he spent half of his total aura, this only worked if he still had aura however. Ferrows semblance was unique in the fact it only worked when he was protecting something he valued more than his own life. His aura, speed, and strength doubled, however he would pass out after one hour of keeping this up, and wouldn't wake up for 24 hours. Warden grew strong in this spell of peace, between hunting, his chores, repairing the wall, and fighting off any aggressors. He even began a limited education from his mom who taught him everything she knew. However, around Wards 17th birthday, the town was once again in the attention of raiders, for the tungsten in the mountains was very valuable. These new raiders were far more skilled than the bandits of old. The trio was soon in a struggle for life versus their new foes. For 10 months they fought off all the group in a series of skirmishes. But then one fateful day, the raiders rallied their entire forces and laid siege to Ward. Storm, Ferrow and Warden moved forward to defend against the horde. After, a fight that lasted 6 hours, the raiders breached wall with a large bomb. The men then knew they were of the last line between their entire reason for being and oblivion. After a yet another long battle, it looked like the tide had turned as the raiders numbered soon decreased, the group thought they had won, but to their horror a Grim legion the likes of which Ward had never seen marched towards the breach in the walls that had stood for years. The battered and wounded trio prepared once more to protect their home at all cost. Though all the fighting many Grim were killed, but they weren't the only ones to fall. Storm fell when Warden had to retract his semblance in order to not fall himself. Ferrow also suffered wounds so severe he would never fight the same ever again. His mangled body was dragged back by his son who had was himself was barely able to carry Ferrow due to his own injuries. As soon as he laid Ferrow at the front porch, Warden, yelled for help, he called for any villager who could help him repair the breach in the wall. Warden then led a party of all the able bodied villagers young and old, male and female. They sped to the wall and began emergency repairs. Warden lean over Storm's corpse and took his weapon and studded leather vest, pierced with the wounds the ended the mighty huntsman. After a mere two days the industrious managed to repair the damaged wall, in no small part to Warden's vigil. After this Warden soon fell terribly ill, for his wounds had not been treated for days. He used some of Storms semblance to try and stave of the infection, but would not heal it all for he feared he need to keep most of his aura in case the worst should happen. He would have died several time over if not for this gift left by his mentor. For despite all the infection that spread he wouldn't rest, as he was the only defender left standing, as his dad had been crippled in the chaos of earlier. At Storm's funeral, Storm bequeathed to Warden all his belongings as he hoped Warden could fill the hole he left behind. However, soon the infection caught up with Warden, he had digressed to the point where he could only heal himself one more time, and needed severe medical attention. The villager soon realized he was beyond their care, and carried him to the nearest train station where he was taken to the city of Vale. They also packed all of his belongings, for Storm also said that Warden needed to attend Beacon. Only there could he learn all he needed to protect Ward. the villagers gathered all of Storms assets and raised enough funds for Warden's medical bills and tuition. When Warden awoke he was furious at this for how would Ward survive without even a single defender? Storm had wrote a letter to Warden, for he had anticipated this might happen. He told Warden he had made arrangements to keep their home safe and told him if he really wanted to protect Ward he had to grow, after his attendance at Beacon he could train a new generation of defenders for Ward. On the day of his 18th birthday, Ward now boards the ship to Beacon and prepares to begin his journey to become a huntsman.

Personality: Ward takes most things as if they were life or death. Sink or swim accurately describes his views for people. When he views something as heinously wrong  he will stop at nothing to destroy it. Despite all of this he strongly hates death, like his father, shares a dream for a world where everyone can live together happily. He is very determined to achieve his dreams.

Semblance: Warden's semblance is the ability to transfer some of his aura to another person. He can only do this by placing his hand on them. When his aura is on someone, their semblance is enhanced. However, Warden has to transfer a minimum of 25% percent of his total aura. Warden can recall his aura from any distance, instantly. When Warden recalls his aura if he knows their semblance he can use the semblance of who ever he loaned his aura. He can use one minute for two minutes that they had his aura. Whenever he uses another's semblance it is only half as powerful. He can only have a max one hour of semblance per person. Who ever he places his aura has the choice of whether their aura or Warden's will take the hit.

Weapon: Warden wields the weapon of the late Storm Ward, his namesake. A bolt action gun, more like a cannon as it a shoots a 30 mm round. The recoil is so strong that one must take at least a full second to recenter the gun. It is chambered in three round clips. The weapon is made of a iron and tungsten alloy, and weighs 60 pounds. It is accurate up to 50 meters. It transforms into a halberd. Reverse of the blade is where the bullet rests so he can fire it and swing with legendary force. The halberds length is 2 meters long. He commonly wears his weapon on his back, and stores his ammunition on in his belt.
Notable Skills: Hunting (both Grim and animals), masonry, he has a very high pain tolerance, live combat experience, and has killed.

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