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Dragon Ball Character Guide

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Dragon Ball Character Guide

Post by Cody on Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:31 pm

Str: (Strength)
Sta: (Stamina)
Dex: (Speed and Agility)
Int: (Intelligence)
Tai:(Fighting Ability)

HP:(Health Points) (Stax2)
KP:(Kai Points) (Kaix2)

Power Level: (Str+Sta+Kai)

Saiyan Guide

When a Saiyan recovers from near death(10% and lower HP) their Str Sta Dex and Kai are increased by 25%

Super Saiyan:

Min Power Level 50,000
Must experience strong emotions of loss such as a best friend dying. Otherwise you don't reach this until power level 100,000. Until one reaches power level 100,000 it will take a full turn to power up to Super Saiyan and the KP cost is subtracted for that turn.
When going Super Saiyan a users hair and tail will turn yellow. Their hair will also lift in the air slightly. Str Sta and Dex are boosted by x2. KP usage is also x2. Super Saiyan uses up 2,500 KP per turn.

Ascended Saiyan:
Min Power Level 150,000
This is no different from regular Saiyan except the KP usage is now 1,000 and there is no longer a x2 KP cost. To gain this you must practice remaining in Super Saiyan form for a full year. During this time you can never have more than 25% of your full KP. Training now only gets 10% of the original benefits.

Ultra Saiyan:

Min Power Level 400,000. Until power level 800,000 it takes one turn to power up.
When going Ultra Saiyan the user bulks up exponentially however the large muscles make moving difficult. Str and Sta are boosted by x3. KP usage is also x3. It costs 20,000 KP per turn. It will take a full turn to power up until power level 700,000.

Super Saiyan 2:

Min Power Level 500,000
The Saiyan must lose a family loved one such as a spouse to achieve this. Otherwise this can only be achieved at power level 800,000. It takes a full turn to power up until power level 1,000,000.
The users hair stands up taller and grows slightly longer. Small amounts of electricity pulse around the Saiyan's body. Str Sta and Dex are boosted by x5. KP usage is also x5. It costs 50,000 KP per tern.

Super Saiyan 3:

Min Power Level 1,500,000
The Saiyan must lose everyone they love to gain this. Otherwise you have to reach power level 2,000,000. Until power level 3,000,000 it takes one turn to power up.
The users hair grows to an incredibly long length and lots of electricity constantly dances around their body. Str Sta and Dex are boosted by x10. KP usage is also x10. It costs 200,000 KP per turn.

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