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Celestia, Vegeta's little sister

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Celestia, Vegeta's little sister

Post by Celestia on Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:26 am

Name: Celestia

Born to King Vegeta and is Vegeta jr's little sister. Considered an elite Saiyan at birth she was not sent to any planets as an infant. However she wasn't trained either. Her father placed all his hopes on his son Vegeta and was focused on training him, his heir. The Saiyan's blamed the father for the girls reduced lust for battle. She also had an unusually long tail giving her extremely good balance, however it was also far more sensitive and easier to grab.

Even though she never got much training whenever Vegeta was sent on a mission Celestia was sent with him. She was off world when their planet blew up. Suddenly as the last known surviving female Vegeta invested much time in his little sister. Because he didn't trust Radits he sent her to earth 3 years before he would send Radits. Her job was to confirm Goku was there and then kill him. Once finished she would head back and Radits was to do the dirty work of cleaning up the planet for selling.

Str: 10
Sta: 10
Dex: 100
Int: 20
Kai: 50
Tai: 10

HP: 20
KP: 100

Power Level: 70

Ki Blasts
Basic Energy Beam


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Re: Celestia, Vegeta's little sister

Post by Kira on Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:04 pm

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