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List of Techniques

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List of Techniques Empty List of Techniques

Post by Cody on Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:21 am

Divide defenders Sta by 100. Subtract that number from the Kai used. The difference is the damage done.

Ki blast:

Blast punch/Kick

Burning Attack

Finish Buster

Flash Bomb

Infinity Bullet

Spirit Bomb

Mouth Blast

Full Power Ki Blast

Basic Energy Beam:


Gatlick Gun:


Special Beam Canon:

Dodon Ray:

Death Beam:

Big Tree Cannon:

Final Flash:

Destructo Disk:

Ki Blast Barrage:

Exploding Ki Blast:

Hell Fire Grenade:

Eye Lasers:

Death Ball

Galatic Donut:


Super Ghost Attack:

Eraser Cannon:

Body Bind Ball:

Dragon Fist:

64 palms:

Time Freeze:

Self Destruct:


Ki Sheild:

Body Kai Shield:

Flame Sheild:

Explosive Wave:

Super Explosive Wave:

Ki Push:

Ki Explode:



Instant Transmission:


Deca Form:


Speed Teleport:

Ki Suppression:

Ki Sensing:

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