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Personal Jutsu

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Personal Jutsu Empty Personal Jutsu

Post by Shawn Correl on Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:11 pm

Water Field: A B rank water-style ninjutsu. The jutsu makes a wall of water that is impassable by most attacks. Normally the user needs a nearby source of water to cast this jutsu. The size and shape of the wall is up to the jutsu user's needs. It can be anything from a bubble to a line. Only a powerful jutsu can breach the bubble. The jutsu is controlled by user's hands, and as such they can edit the size and shape of the jutsu with only minimal chakra. The main weakness of this jutsu is in order to keep it up and edit requires the user's hands to direct it. Someone who's ninjutsu skill in jonin level or higher could sustain it momentarily without their hands in order to weave signs.

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